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Wood pellet grill
Charcoal grill
Gas grill
Spare parts
Enamel accessories

Company Profile

Jiangsu Zgrills Technology Co., Ltd. is joint-invested by Xiangying Group, Focus Technology, Red Cube(USA) and Xiangying employee platform. The new company registered in Baoying County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province on December 2017. Jiangsu Zgrills Technology Co., Ltd. owned total fund acquisition in the former Jiangsu Huibao Xiangying Metal Products Co., ltd, YOYO Grills(USA) and Zgrills(USA). We are committed to creating the "Z grills" brand of wood pellet grill market sales system and independent brand company development road, aiming to be the top three in the American market of wood pellet grills.

Z GRILLS Philosophy

BBQ is a modern lifestyle of food, social interaction and leisure. This is the core driver to design products to meet people's needs.

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